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The facility was built to take advantage of the technological revolution that has been in place for the last 10-15 years, allowing patients to have higher level procedures done in settings that don’t feel like a traditional hospital. The Heart Hospital of Austin allows that and yet maintains all the security of a major hospital with the ability to provide full emergency care while providing top level services for cardiothoracic surgery and minimally invasive interventional procedures.

The interventional labs and OR’s are on the first floor close to the emergency heart center, and other diagnostic services for easy outpatient access. This strategic placement provides virtual real-time connections that deliver the fastest lifesaving emergency cardiac care where it’s needed, when every minute counts. The first floor interventional unit is supported with 12 day beds and the second floor has 58 inpatient rooms, arranged in pods or “neighborhoods” of 14-15 beds each for more direct care.

The three-story hospital zoning places mechanical and electrical support components towards the back of the site, separating those flows from patient and family access. Main access for patients and families occurs through an atrium entry identified with a masonry and glass tower element that helps signal the facility to the surrounding area. The top floor is dedicated to medical offices for cardiovascular physician practices.

Medcath (dissolved 2011) Current Owner: St. David’s Healthcare


Michael Tangney


The Brick Institute of America award for excellence in design.

138,000 sf
58 beds
4 Interventional Cath Labs
3 ORs

Michael Tangney's role was Lead Project Designer for the Heart Hospital of Austin project while with HDR, Inc.

Photography by Mark Trew Photography