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The IVU project is a 15,000 gsf renovation of existing space within Lancaster General Hospital. The goal was to create new, re-located and expanded space for the Interventional Vascular Unit (IVU) serving the hospital inpatient and outpatient populations. The existing department was located in the basement, not easily accessible for patients, and did not have adequate room for necessary expansion. The hospital had available space on level 2 with better access potential for outpatients as well as a path to inpatient elevators.

The IVU program consists of 18 single point of care Prep/Recovery rooms with necessary support spaces, serving 4 Interventional Vascular Labs. Procedures in the labs include catheter based fluoroscopic imaging (angiography) to diagnose and repair vascular blockages in veins and arteries, balloon angioplasty and stent placement for aortic and carotid blockages and aneurysms, peripheral vascular imaging, and the labs allow other forms of minimally invasive repair that do not require surgery. Many of the procedures require a surgical environment however and these labs were designed with surgical levels of air flow and sterility, and have a clean supply core similar to surgical OR’s. Two Labs were fitted out with fluoroscopic imaging equipment initially (one single plane and one bi-plane), and two were shelled for the future.

The Hybrid OR project entailed a renovation within the existing Surgery department which renovated three existing, smaller OR’s into two fully equipped and larger Hybrid OR’s. The hybrid OR’s allow intra-operative imaging during surgical procedures, assisting the surgeon for various procedures which don’t require traditional open surgery, and minimizing the risk factor for the patient. The rooms are sized for storing additional equipment used during procedures, multiple team members, and adequate room for the overhead imaging C-arm which can be parked out of the way for open surgical procedures.

Lancaster General Hospital


Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Michael Tangney

4 Interventional Vascular Labs
15,000 sf
$3.7 m

Hybrid OR
4,000 sf

Michael Tangney's role was Senior Project Designer on the Lancaster General Hospital - Interventional Vascular Unit and Hybrid OR project while with HDR Inc.

Photography by Larry Lefever Photography